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How to Register and Activate Your BP-2000 Software

To register and activate your BP-2000 Analysis Software, please follow the steps below.

Note: It is not necessary that the BP-2000 computer be connected to the Internet: you can use any computer with an Internet connection for activate your software.

Please follow these steps to activate your BP-2000 Analysis Software:

  1. When the BP-2000 software reminds you about registration, click the Register Now button, and then write down the registration code, and also write down the serial numbers for your Control Unit and Mouse/Rat Platform(s).

  2. Go to any computer with an internet connection, and browse to www.visitechsystems.com/register, and enter the requested information.

  3. Within about 24 hours, we will send you an activation code by email. Print or write down this code.

  4. Go to the BP-2000 computer. Start the software, which will cause the registration reminder to be display (or if the software is already running, click Help on the main menu, and then Register Software.) Click Register Now, click Next, and then enter the activation code you received by email. The click the Activate button.

  5. You should see a message indicating that activation was successful. If not, please click the Back button, and verify that you entered the activation code correctly.