BP-2000 Analysis Software
Powerful, Yet Easy To Use
Software Overview

The BP-2000 Analysis Software is the most advanced BP analysis software available. It is easy to use, yet provides all the power you need to make accurate measurements, review and verify your data, and export your results.

  • The BP-2000 Analysis Software is intuitive and powerful. It displays, measures, and stores blood pressure, heart rate, and waveforms in its built-in database.
  • Advanced signal-processing techniques help detect and ignore animal movement.
  • The intuitive reports make it easy to navigate your data, and review statistics, individual measurements, and even waveforms.
  • Easily review your measurements, including the waveforms.
  • Easily create customized data reports, and export them directly to Excel® or other data analysis packages.
  • If you provide your own computer, it is easy to download and install the BP-2000 Analysis Software. We will guide you through every step.
  • Free lifetime upgrades to the BP-2000 Analysis Software.
Easily Create Data Reports
With the Report Wizard you can quickly create reports that show just the data you want to see, in the way you want to see it.
  • Quickly review measurements set statistics, individual measurements, and waveforms.
  • Automatic outlier detection using Chauvenet's criterion.
  • Modify or invalidate measurements, and statistics are instantaneously recalculated.
  • Easily export data to Excel and other programs.
Quickly Review Your Data
The BP-2000 makes it easy to review and verify your data. In moments you can drill down from measurement set statistics, to individual measurements within a set, to the actual waveforms. For example, to review some data you took this morning:
  1. Use the Report Wizard to open a Measurement Set Report.
  2. Find the row for a specific animal and time.
  3. Double-click to open a report showing the individual measurements in that set.
  4. To see a waveform, double-click on any measurement.
  5. To quickly view other waveforms, click the Next or Previous buttons.
Automatic Outlier Detection

The BP-2000 optionally uses Chauvenet's criterion to automatically detect measurements outliers. Outliers are effectively excluded from the measurement set, since they are not included when measurement set statistics are calculated.

Outlier detection does not change the actual data, just the reports. You can enable or disable it at any time, with all statistics being instantly recalculated.

Multiple Databases
You can create and use as many databases as you want, so different researchers can keep their data separate, and every project can be in its own database. This simplifies data analysis and storage, and makes backing up your data easier.
Free Lifetime Software Updates
Updates to the BP-2000 Analysis Software are always free.