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How to Send a BP-2000 Configuration Report

To help us improve the results you are getting with your BP-2000 Blood Pressure Analysis System, we sometimes need detailed information about your software settings and hardware configuration. This information can be easily sent to us with a BP-2000 Configuration Report.

This report can be generated directly from within the BP-2000 software (assuming you are using software released in 2009 or later). If you are using an earlier version, please contact us for additional information.

If the BP-2000 computer is connected to the Internet, the report can be sent directly to Visitech. If not, a report file will be written to your computer, which you then can send to us, by copying it to another computer and attaching it to an email.

To generate the Configuration Report, please do the following:

  1. Click Help on the main menu.

  2. Click on Diagnostics.

  3. Click on Configuration Report. The Configuration Report window will appear.

  4. To export the report, click the Export button.

  5. If you are given a choice, indicate you want to send the report to Visitech by email. (If you are not given a choice, then the computer is not connected to the Internet, so you must write the report to a file on the computer.)

  6. Continue providing the requested information until you are finished with the Report Export Wizard.

  7. If the configuration report was written to a file on your computer, please copy it to another computer (perhaps using a USB drive or a CD). Then attach it an email and send it us at techsupport@visitechsystems.com.

When we receive the Configuration Report, we will examine it to gain insight into your measurements. We will let you know what we find.